Tastes of the world. Home-made meals to go.


At Hibou Deli you’ll find fresh and tasty home-made meals to go. All our food is prepared on-site daily and we pride ourselves in fresh healthy options, inspired by exciting world flavours. Check the menu for our lactose free, gluten free & vegan dishes.



Main meals served hot or cold to takeaway. Recommended with a side of rice, potatoes or flatbread.

La Verte

Chicken with HIBOU’s own green curry paste, coconut milk, bok choi, courgettes, spinach, edamames, green chilies, lime & ginger. Topped with coriander, spring onions, sesame seeds. Lactose free, gluten free, spicy. 
Med: 10,90€    Large: 12,90€

Crispy Noodle Salad

Noodles tossed with fresh cucumber, daikon, pea shoots, red onion & bean sprouts. Topped with crispy noodles, cubes of baked tofu, mint, red chili, & black sesame seeds.
Soy, miso & black vinegar dressing.
(Served cold). Vegan, lactose free. 12,90€
Option to add – Hot crispy duck – +3,00€


Beef slow cooked in a West African style peanut sauce, topped with roasted carrots, hot pepper sauce, toasted peanuts, fresh parsley and coriander.
Lactose free, gluten free, spicy. 
Med: 11,90€    Large: 13,90€


Aubergine Passata

Roasted aubergine in a tomato sauce spiced with black cardamom, ginger & garlic.
Topped with roasted cauliflower, toasted almonds, fresh basil & natural yoghurt (optional).
Gluten free, vegan option, spicy. 
Med: 10,90€    Large: 12,90€
Option to add – Slow roasted lamb – +3,00€

Sweet Potato Rendang

Chunks of sweet potato & courgettes ribbons, cooked in an Indonesian inspired coconut sauce – ginger, galangal, turmeric, lemongrass & kafir lime topped with roasted coconut sambal, coriander & spring onions. 
Vegan, gluten free, lactose free, mildly spicy. 
Med: 10,90€    Large: 12,90€

Option to add – Chicken – +3,00€

Toor Dal Sāmbhar

Channa & Toor Dal lentils slow cooked with a South Indian Sāmbhar spice mix.
Aubergine, green beans & carrots. Coriander & green chilli chutney. 
Vegan, gluten free, lactose free, mildly spicy.
Med: 10,90€    Large: 12,90€


Halloumi – 4,00€
Rosemary polenta chips with dips – 5,00€
Roasted potatoes – 3,50€

Green vegetables – 3,50€
Flat bread – 2,00€
Rice – Small: 3,00€    Med: 3,50€    Large: 4,50€


Each day we have a new plat du jour, recipes & tastes from around the world. Check our Facebook page for the daily Plat du Jour. 

Our hand made flatbreads are individually filled before your eyes with the combination of ingredients you choose, so each wrap is unique.

Our hand made flatbreads are filled with a main protein and a selection of delicious daily salads. 


Lamb – Slow cooked, spiced, tender lamb – 10,50€

Chicken – Marinated in yogurt with lemon & rosemary – 9,50€

Halloumi – Marinated in lemon & za’atar – 9,50€

Tomato – with tapenade, buffalo mozzarella & basil – 9,00€

Aubergine – Chargrilled with za’atar & sumac – 8,50€

Beetroot – with lentils & whipped goat cheese – 8,50€

Salad – with your choice of salads – 8,00€



Mix & match your flavours from the salads of the day –  Small: 6,00€   Large: 9,50€


Add a protein to your salad box – choose from: lamb, chicken, halloumi, aubergine or beetroot, lentils & goat cheese – 12,00€



Pies, pastilla & quiches

Ask for our daily selection – 3,50 - 5,50€


Kids noodle boxes

Egg noodles steamed with carrots, courgettes & edamames – 5,50€
+ chicken – 6,50€

Kids Chicken wrap

Homemade flat bread with tender pieces of chicken, green leaves, hummus & grated cheese – 6,50€



We have a changing selection of cakes, ask for our daily selection – 2,00 - 3,50€
We often have vegan and gluten-free cakes. As well as a selection of chocolates and sweet treats. 



We have a good selection of refreshing drinks, as well as beers, wine and prosecco. 
We also make great coffee to go too.